Saturday, 14 December 2013

Not just code but beyond

A project, merely taken up maybe as a part of a course or otherwise would be limited to just coding. Making the end product work. Just the end result that matters.
This can lead to a much contrived way of doing things.

A project, done with the aim of software engineering on the other hand would concentrate more on the SE principles and aspects such as group dynamics and documentation.

Having experienced all of that and more, wondering how an open source project would be, we stepped into the world of delights as we ventured to take up the course offered as one of our electives. In it, we were mainly required to work on an open source project and it was our shot at giving something back to the community.
And this is what bloomed out of the entire process. A revelation. A sense of achievement and still the fire to do more, much more.
An open source project in its truest sense gave us the liberty to think and opened our minds to newer dimensions.
Not just the end result, but the journey, the journey mattered more than anything else. The knowledge gained out of the entire process. Not only making us technically sound, but ensuring an all-round development.
Distance  not  Displacement.

A self reference: The bloag : boa log that formed into a full fledged blog.
Creating a Mailing list!
Trying to contact the developers and the ecstasy when we got a reply.
Submitting a patch
Learning so many more things in the journey.
Making a video!
Who would have done that otherwise!

Our very own: Mailing List

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